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The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit



S. Jardine



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Sam Jardine was born into a Christian home in the city of Belfast in 1904. He trusted the Lord Jesus as a young man while lying on a hospital bed. The lives of his godly parents, Pastor Alex and Mrs. Jardine, left deep and lasting impressions. As he himself acknowledged 'my mother – with gratitude I recall her life of devotion', and again 'under my father's ministry I learned the value of the Person of Christ'. He followed his father into the Baptist ministry and after college days in Dublin, saw much spiritual blessing in several pastorates in Northern Ireland. Sam was student of scripture. As a result he became increasingly uneasy within the Baptist Church and identified with the assemblies of God's people. There he found a spiritual home and rest of conscience, and in return the assemblies were greatly enriched. His ministry was Christ-centred, building up and binding together the people of God, and took him to many parts of the British Isles, the Channel Islands, Canada and the USA. In personal life, Sam Jardine exemplified the practical outcome of the truth expressed within these covers, 'unmistakably declaring the presence of the unquenched Spirit'.