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Albert Leckie



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Albert Leckie was born into a Christian family in Lanarkshire in 1920. He was saved at four-and-a-half years of age and, later, was received into fellowship in the assembly meeting at Hebron Hall, Airdrie. He became a meticulous student and a careful expositor of the scriptures. His gift was widely appreciated throughout the UK and in many other parts of the English-speaking world. He ministered regularly at The London Convention and conducted Bible Readings at Eastbourne in England; at Ayr and Largs in Scotland; and at Trimsaran in Wales. He also ministered the word in all parts of the UK and made many visits to North America, particularly the west coast. He was called home at the relatively young age of sixty-eight while engaged in meetings at the assembly in Nantgarw, Wales, in 1988. To some believers today the name Albert Leckie may be unknown but to many others, privileged to be part of the large crowds who came to hear him speak, he will be forever remembered with great affection not only for his detailed knowledge of the scriptures, but also for his gracious personality and warm friendship.