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The Revelation and Future Events



E. W. Rogers



Product Description:

This little book is made up of three parts. The first relates to a series of articles which appeared in Precious Seed concerning Future Events. Incorporated in its appropriate place is also a series of articles which appeared in Precious Seed touching the seven letters to the churches recorded in the Apocalypse. And the rest of the book is a fresh survey of the book of the Revelation, which does not attempt to go into details but which merely furnishes indications as to what the writer believes to be the only correct way of its interpretation.

It is well-known that there are many differing viewpoints of interpretation of this, the last apocalyptic writing of holy scripture, and that many of the things set forth in these notes are rebutted by ancient and modern interpreters, but the author, after carefully weighing their arguments, remains unconvinced by them. Each one, however, must make up his own mind; he should 'prove all things' by constantly 'examining the scriptures' as the Bereans did, 1 Thess. 5. 21; Acts 17. 11 RV. None should blindly follow a school of thought, or accept teachings because of the names of former men who so taught. Nor, indeed, should any blindly accept what men living today teach. Prestige is no guarantee of accuracy. A Spirit-controlled, unsophisticated faith is all that is requisite to understand what God has written, for the book is not sealed, Rev. 22. 10. Daniel's prophecy was sealed, Dan. 12. 4.

It is the earnest hope of the author and of the publishers that the Spirit of God will use it to the enlightening of the mind and the warming of the heart of God's people, bringing them to one thought, Phil. 2. 2, touching 'things to come'.